Do You Want to Survive?

Looking through the bars of a park boundary at a man feeding pigeons

It’s going to take time and courage to make changes. That’s ok as long as you’re determined to rise out of the chaos and find peace. Be patient.

The first step is to accept your situation. Whatever the reason for arriving in this busy place, you can be upset by it or you can get on and enjoy life. It’s a simple choice that you have the power to make.

There are a lot of ideas and strategies here. Trying to master them all in one go could be overwhelming. Take one idea each week and focus on that. There’s a list of directives at the end of this guide to help you put things into action.

One important point. All of these techniques are accumulative. Try to do them every day and just keep going. If you fall, get back up again. Be gentle with yourself — you will get there. Days, weeks or months from now you will find you’re a much happier and settled person.