Early Morning

From a hill overlooking the sunlit, misty city

Adding a morning routine to my day has made a massive difference to my life. It’s my anchor to begin the day with a good foundation. I was inspired to create this habit by all the great people that Tim Ferriss has interviewed on his podcast. A routine at the same time of day ensures that you’re ready when you need to be without a mad dash. It’s important to begin early so there’s plenty of time and no pressure. An early rise is an easy place to begin. It’s worth going to bed earlier or sleeping a little less to get off to a good start everyday. A sunrise alarm clock is a worthwhile purchase. Your reward for getting up earlier is a much quieter city, with a slower pace, cleaner air and birdsong all around.

Begin at roughly the same time every day and follow the same sequence so you can fall into a habit and just tick off each item in your mind. Your routine could include going outside to give thanks, a warm shower with a cold blast to finish, meditation, a home yoga or exercise routine, a walk or cycle ride, a healthy drink — anything that feels nourishing to you.

All of these things may seem unattainable from a distance. But, like most things in life, start small and it’ll all grow from there. Just start with one thing. Take little bites at a time. Skateboarders don’t begin on the massive ramps. They start with little ones, then progress to something bigger, then bigger still. Expertise follows determination.