Expectation & Perception

A road with the word LOOK painted on it

Sometimes, we’re just waiting for something to pop up and annoy us. Perhaps it’s our excuse to cry for help so that loved ones will come and soothe us. But this ever watchful state of being turns your focus onto the very thing that upsets you. On some level you’re expecting your nemesis to arrive constantly. It’s a bad habit to enter into. What you really want is to tune out of those annoyances. Yes, you know the problem is present but you can’t stop or control it so let it be. You don’t need to engage or enter into it.

Instead, see and hear the good things around you. Rather than stare and grumble about litter on the street, see the brightly coloured shop sign that someone painted with passion on their path to fulfilling dreams. Rather than be fearful of the pollution from traffic, look up to the blue sky and the clouds where the air is pure. Just the simple act of looking upwards will reconnect you to the simplicity of the real world and bring around happiness.

Your perception is everything.