Information Underload

A mesh of festive lights

Cities these days are overrun with adverts and news banners. They have been cunningly designed to attract our glances and enter into our minds, often with a message of fear and doubt that drives us into buying. It’s only when you leave the city and then return that you realise how pervasive they are. We have become desensitised to their presence but are still often a slave to the attention they demand. All of this information adds to the cognitive load on your mind and distracts you from being present and aware of your true position in the world. It all adds up to raising your tension and keeping you down when what we really need is an uplift and a clear mind.

Whenever you find your attention drawn to a news banner or a large billboard or an advert-strewn bus going by, immediately look away to something natural like a tree or the sky, even the beautiful architecture that is probably nearby. Break the spell!

The goal is to reach the nirvana of Information Underload.