A row of wooden eco-houses

Perhaps you have outgrown the area you reside in. It’s quite easy to fool yourself into thinking you’re ok where you are and everything is fine. It’s only after you move on that you realise how difficult it was for you there and how much energy it took to cope. Avoid this stress and the stagnation by embracing the change of moving home even if it is within the same city.

There’s no need to accept unhappiness if your environment is not serving you. Be brave and find a place where you fit in. A place where you feel like you belong. Home. Then put your intention into making that move. Walk around your favourite areas. Get out there and talk to people and see what’s around. Declutter your existing home just as if you were already moving. Make preparations, begin packing up. All these positive actions will set you in motion on your path. Simply begin.