A demolished building with only the lift shaft and stairwell remaining

All of our annoyance at the city is of our own making. The city isn’t directly causing us anguish or anger, it’s ourselves, our reaction to what is going on around us that we find so unsettling. Think about this and decide how you would like to respond when faced with annoyances. Do you want to be harassed by the chaos around you or be calm and collected like the individuals we most admire? It is a choice that you can control with some practise. Keep noticing your reaction to daily events and replaying them in the way you would prefer. This will help to train you into responding positively.

With practise you can see yourself losing your grip on calm and straying into chaos. As you witness this, ask yourself, “What would the best version of me do right now?”. The answer is always clear and becomes an option that you can take. I find that it’s usually a small and simple change of direction that comes naturally and gives a lifting sense of freedom. It really is that simple if you can be conscious and present enough to ask that question. Finding just enough peace to get your head above the water if often enough.