An abundant city garden

There are over 4,000 people per square kilometre here. That’s a lot of people in a small space. Most small spaces. The majority of those people are wrapped up in their drama, over-stimulated, anxious, distracted. Each person is emanating that energy, sending and receiving. It’s an unnatural state for so many human beings to be this close together all of the time.

How can we alleviate the effects of that crowd? Ideally, find the sparse places. A green, natural space is always best but anywhere quiet and lesser populated will help. Go to those places often for comfort and relief. There is nothing to upset you and no one to effect you. A proper explorer map can help in finding footpaths where some peace may be found. Rivers are a good way-marker. I found a wonderful riverside walk not far from home that is very peaceful despite being still very much in the city. The flow and fall of water drowns out modern noise and resets the tired mind. I always find myself smiling there.

Most cities have cycle paths away from busy roads. Some of these paths head straight out of the city and into countryside. They’re a good escape route — relief for walkers too but a bicycle will get you even further.

Calming music is very helpful when you’re constantly distracted by city noise such as sirens — this made a big difference for me. It doesn’t have to be loud, just being there gives you a new background theme.