Save Me!

Silhouette of an angel statue in a cemetery

Everything is going to be ok. You may be upset by events happening around you but, often, things that don’t make sense now will do some time later when looking back. So don’t fight, find the flow of the river and go with it — it’s liberating to let go.

It’s good to be honest with those who love you. Don’t hide your distress, don’t try to cope — that house of cards will collapse eventually. Let out your troubles and emotions. Your friends and family want to help. But first you must be honest with them.

If you’re in a panic then there are two life savers that will bring swift relief…

The first is 4-7-8 breathing. This easy breathing technique brings immediate relief to a mind in turmoil. Simply breathe in through your nose for a silent count of 4, hold your breath calmly for a count of 7, then release all of your breath slowly through your mouth for a count of 8. One round is usually enough to alter brain state and relax tension — just keep going until peace is found.

Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is also effective in emergencies. Made from natural flower essences, it helps to dissipate fear and negative emotion from your body. I have seen some miraculous revivals from its use.