The Teacher

Graffiti of a magnificent lion with a pink hue

Ultimately, the city is your teacher. The relentlessness of the city makes it a good training ground. It will make you feel things that you may not like about yourself. It’s your opportunity to see your reactions to the environment and how that makes you feel. You will see patterns in your behaviour, things you don’t like about the way you act. The antidote is to slow down and accept things as they are without disturbing your inner self. Become adaptive and dynamic. Become excellent. Make that your focus.

Remember that there may be some bleak days. It can happen even when you’re on a good path. It’s just one day, not forever. Every dawn is a fresh start. I see those wonky days as a sign to slow down. Hit pause, relax, take some good air and get a good night’s sleep. Things can turn around very quickly. When you’re feeling frustrated, be mindful not to lash out and hurt anyone else. But do let people know you’re out of sorts — it’s very helpful to you and to them.