Vibrant Body

A sunflower in a crowded city garden

Care for your body so it may carry you better through the city. Here, more than any other place, it is vital to be at your healthiest, your strongest, your most awake. Your body is your armour — keep it clean and shining.

Put good natural food in. That means no sugary drinks, no processed food, no toxins, nothing lifeless. If that means a big change in diet then that’s ok. Like all change, replace the old with the new, one thing at a time and keep doing it consistently. You will get there and you will feel the difference.

Get more sleep. In this fast-paced environment you really need the recovery time that it brings to detox and energise.

Breathe in through your nose so you can filter out pollution particles — this is especially important for car exhaust fumes. Then find the cleanest air for deep breaths to allow your body to re-oxygenate.

The more you move your body, the more alive you will feel. Do your favourite exercise. Maybe it’s running, weights, yoga, a gym session, a swim. Block out time in your diary for it often. Your blood will move and you will sparkle!

All of these things together will make it easier for you to live a full, calm and happy life in this challenging place.